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Upcoming events

    • 30 Sep 2022
    • 30 Dec 2022
    • 14 sessions
    • Online

    This is a 3 Round Swiss event G/15+10 (if #'s allow) which starts at 7.00pm every Friday from the series start date above.

    This event is Chess.com and USCF Online Rapid Rated. 

    AOCC is the largest online Chess club in New England for USCF rated play. All our members are verified on entry and more than 90% are from New England. AOCC is free for New England USCF members. Join Us

    Navigate on chess.com by choosing "Play" on the upper left menu selection - which will prompt a drop down menu, then select "Live". On the upper right portion of the screen you will see "Play" and "Tournaments", select "Tournaments" and as a member of the Ayer Online Chess Club you will see the tournaments with a running countdown clock to the scheduled start time.

    AOCC members  can join the tournament directly by following the link below 1 hour before the start time:

    AOCC 138th USCF RATED Online Friday Rapid

    • 3 Oct 2022
    • 31 Oct 2022
    • 5 sessions
    • 63 Powers Road, Westford
    • 22

    Registration for the 27th Westford RATED OTB (Day 1) is now open. 

    The results for Westford 26 round 4 are below:

    The Final standings for Westford 26 are below:

    Registration for Westford 27 is $10 and is limited to 24 players for Monday October 3rd.  USCF Membership is required.

    Players under 12 years must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

    Players must check-in on arrival. If there are an odd number of players the last player to arrive will be given a bye.

    Each Monday evening will comprise a G/90 delay 5  USCF (Regular) rated game, starting at 7pm. Please arrive by 6.45pm. USCF Rules for regular OTB play (Chapter 1) will apply.

    The games archive for Westford Tournaments is below

    Westford Games Archive

Past events

26 Sep 2022 Westford 26: Monday Night USCF RATED OTB
29 Aug 2022 Westford 25: Monday Night USCF RATED OTB
25 Jul 2022 Westford 24: Monday Night USCF RATED OTB
20 Jun 2022 Westford 23: Monday Night USCF RATED OTB
30 May 2022 Westford 22: Monday Night USCF RATED OTB
25 Apr 2022 Westford 21: Monday Night USCF RATED OTB
28 Mar 2022 Westford 20: Monday Night USCF RATED OTB
28 Feb 2022 Westford 19: Monday Night USCF RATED OTB
30 Jan 2022 Westford 18: Sunday USCF RATED OTB
26 Dec 2021 Westford 17: Sunday USCF RATED OTB
28 Nov 2021 Westford 16: Sunday USCF RATED OTB
31 Oct 2021 Westford 15: Sunday USCF RATED OTB
19 Sep 2021 Westford 14: Sunday USCF RATED OTB
8 Sep 2021 Westford 13: Wednesday Night Chess CANCELLED
14 Jul 2021 Ayer Online Chess Blitz G/10
9 Jul 2021 AOCC USCF RATED Online Friday Blitz G/5
5 Jul 2021 Ayer Online USCF RATED Monday Rapid G/15;+10
30 May 2021 Sunday Night USCF RATED Rapid G/15+2
5 Dec 2020 Chess.com Online Live Clubs League -MATCH 5 Saturday 12/5
8 Nov 2020 4th Regular USCF RATED Online Swiss G/60
5 Oct 2020 2nd Online USCF Regular Rated Double Swiss G/30x2.
19 Sep 2020 Top Ten Daily Match Challenge - TOUGH Guys (and Girls) wanted
5 Sep 2020 2nd Regular USCF RATED Online Swiss G/60
24 Aug 2020 AOCC Cash Prize USCF RATED Rapid G/15+10
16 Aug 2020 4th Ayer Online Daily Tournament
5 Aug 2020 2nd AOCC USCF RATED Wednesday Cash Prize Blitz
24 Jun 2020 AOCC USCF RATED Wednesday Cash Prize Blitz
6 Jun 2020 Waltham Chess Club Live Match G/15+10
1 Jun 2020 AOCC Cash Prize USCF RATED Rapid G/15+10
24 May 2020 NM Sid Arun Simul
16 May 2020 Carissa Yip Simul
14 May 2020 Advanced Chess Alliance Daily Match
3 May 2020 NM Brett Kildahl Master Simul
20 Apr 2020 44th Billiards Cafe Online USCF RATED Rapid

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